Where it all Began

Hello All!

I had a mother-in-law, Ada, that used to knit my children beautiful matching cardigans and hats.  I cherished them!  She is an amazing knitter and I had the most beautiful little outfits.  I asked her to teach me to knit one day, and she politely declined stating that it would take her too long to teach me.   She did live across the big pond, in the United Kingdom.   Those short few weeks of vacations just wouldn’t do.


Bill and Ada, my mother-in-law that started my knitting journey.


John and Jake in matching cardigans that Ada made.

Then the day came when I was going to be a grandmother.  I had to learn to knit!  It was now my place to give a little love like Ada gave to me and my children.   I enrolled in a months worth of weekly classes at my local Hobby Lobby.  (I had no idea yarn stores existed.).  Let me tell you, it is not easy at first!  The knitting needles feel foreign in your hands, and managing the yarn at the same time, was a mess.   I remember my first class,  I was using my belly to knit.  Don’t ask me how!  My shoulders were tense and tight.  My neck hurt.  I remember saying, “I can run a Code Blue with less stress!”.  For those of you that don’t know what a Code Blue is in the hospital setting, it’s when a person is dying and you are rushing to save their lives.  It’s a bit stressful to say the least.   Please understand, I’ve been a cardiac nurse for 20 years.  Knitting is not as hard as saving a person’s life.  Not to be insensitive, but I was sharing something stressful I do in everyday life compared to the tension I was having with learning to knit.

I was determined!  I took my project home each week and practiced and practiced and practiced.  Remember, knitting is addictive.  I was the only one in class that had each homework project finished and ready to move on to the next one.  My teacher identified me as a knitter that first week!  She said, “You are either a Knitter or not a Knitter. ”  I was definitely a KNITTER!

I have to share about my first hat.  Yes, I messed up.  Thankfully, my teacher did not make me rip it out and start over.  My husband, Leonard, still wears the hat I made.  It’s one of his favorites, mistake and all.  I had been working on the hat and put it down for the day.  When I picked it up the next time, I knit in the wrong direction.  I went from Stockinette to a Garter top portion.  I was going to throw it away because it wasn’t perfect, but, my husband dug it out of the trash and still has it somewhere.

Thats how I was introduced into the wonderful world of the fiber arts.  I only wish I had learned when I was younger.

If you are interested in learning to knit, inquire at your local hobby stores such as Hobby Lobby, or Michael’s for classes.  You also have your Local Yarn Stores (LYS) that offer classes on how to knt or crochet, along with learning more progressive skills.  There are also web sites like Craftsy that have online classes that teach you everything from casting on to intricate lace shawls.   I taught myself how to crochet from various YouTube videos.

















3 thoughts on “Where it all Began

    • Thank you. You have a nice blog. I was reading about your Scandinavian roots. I have German roots and my kids dad Irish/Scandinavian. I have brown hair and green eyes. All 3
      of my children look like they came off the viking ships. Gingers and blondes with red beards. I was noticing you’re a blond. Strong DNA, you Scandinavians!

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