Christmas in July

Just came back from Fiber Christmas in July at the Creek County Fairgrounds, near Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

I found some great treasures to add to my “collection” of yarn.

I am not a spinner (yet, anyway).  There were lots of beautiful fibers for spinners.  Beautiful tools, spindles, and spinning accessories; definitely, a good place to go if you’re a spinner.



I really like this darling young lady’s yarn!



She is the face of Apothefaery Fabrications.

You can find her here: and

She had a great range of colors and lots of selections of color.  She is on trend with the latest speckled and various fades.   She also uses Eco-friendly Acid Dyes.  She is so stinking cute!  That is her man and young son next to her.  They were so cute too!  This booth was the highlight of the show for me.  Now spinners, may have felt differently.  As a knitter/yarnie, this was the one.  Jourdyn, loves yarn, just like her Gugga!

IMG_2347There were several other venders that brought lots of goodies too.  This kind lady brought natural soaps and candles.    The soaps and candles were rustic and beautiful!  I found some cute buttons at one booth that had a table full of  buttons.  There was a pottery area with yarn bowls and much more!


IMG_2346This booth had all Alpaca Fibers.  Here are some samples of the finished product of the yarn they sell.  I saw a woman try this on and it was GORGEOUS!  Stunning actually!  It was a flattering feminine silhouette.  It looked like something a very wealthy woman at a ski lodge in the mountains might be wearing.  Jourdyn is a fabulous model!IMG_2343IMG_2345This booth had quite an assortment of felted pieces.   Felted artistry.   We children had a hard time keeping our hands off them!  They cry out, “Play with me and touch me!”.  It’s a good thing they had this mature young man handling things!

It was a nice day, for a little drive up to Tulsa, for a fun afternoon.  We all enjoyed ourselves, even if Len doesn’t appear to be in this photo.


Last, but not least, is the yarn I found to bring back to my treasure trove of yarn.

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