Purls, Puppies, and a Cat


Max doing a Vanna White imitation showing off my new project.

What a great day of knitting and puppies.  My latest project is the Chevron Fringe Shawl by SOSU – Susanne Sommer.  I love it! I’m enjoying playing with the different yarn combinations and textures.  There is absolutely no ‘purling” involved.  You knit two right side rows then two wrong side rows.  The only thing that I don’t like is the fact that you’re starting a new row every 4th row.  That’s a lot of starting and stopping.   You don’t get into the rhythm of the flow of knitting with the frequent stops and starts.  So it’s taking forever.   I’m a little over half way through, and I’m already wanting to start something else.    I did interrupt this project already with the Joji Mystery knit-a-long.   The end of this month a new knit-a-long starts called “What the Fade?!” by Andrea Mowry, and I’m really tempted to put this aside and jump in this KAL.


I used a skein of Polaris by Rozetti that has some sequins in it.  I love it!   I like a little glitz but not too much.  Speaking of glitz….I was at our LYS, David’s Yarn, checking out with some clearance yarn that I purchased.  Three of the skeins had some silver tinsel in the yarn.  The checkout girls and I were oohhhhing and ahhhhing over the pretty yarn, and a lady next to me waiting to check out solemnly said, “I would PAY you to keep the glitz out of the yarn.”  Well there, little Eeyore, you just totally dumped on my yarn!  Interesting people we knitters!

Here is the glitzy yarn I purchased: Any one of my young 20 something daughters would love to wear a cowl made out of this.  It’s a real rich and lush reddish brown.

On to the puppies.  Our neighbors came over today to play with the pups.  Our house is always full of dogs, puppies, a cat or two, babies, grandchildren, grown children; it’s really pretty fantastic.

Check out Max, the cat in the middle of everything.  He’s in with the puppies because HE wants to be in with the pups.  He is literally “part of the pack”.  He is always in the middle of anything that’s going on.  He’s such a great cat.  I’m really in love with the little guy.

You’ve got to be leaving my page today with a happy heart!  Sometimes it’s just the small things that make life great.  Check out those smiles, even the dogs are smiling.

Mexico Cover-up aka Yarn Substitution Mishap.

Have you ever made something you absolutely love but made a horrible mistake?  Let me tell you about mine!  I made this as a swim suit cover up to wear on a vacation to Playa de Carmen, Mexico.  It’s a cardigan called Clair de Lune by Carol Sunday.  You will have to use your imagination to  see this as a cover-up.  I will not be modeling in a swim suit!  As you can see, it’s a beautiful lace cardigan, and can be worn without a swim suit.  Although, imagine with a beach bag, big floppy sun hat, daiquiri in hand, and an ocean view!


You will not see any mistakes, but I have to tell you about them.  Hopefully, you will learn  from mine.  The yarn is a Blue Heron yarn made with cotton and rayon.  I don’t remember exactly which Blue Heron yarn I used.  I am not the best with yarn substitutions.  It was the right color and correct weight, but definitely not the right fiber for what I had in mind.  You do not want to mix moisture with rayon!  This is not blocked either.  It’s lace and would look so much better blocked, but it’s huge when blocked.  I put this baby in the washer and dryer!  I wear it right out of the dryer

While in Mexico, I was careful not to get this wet.  The moisture from my wet bathing suit and the rayon/cotton blend made this stretch and drag the ground.  The back was down to my knees and the tips in the front were like a wedding train.  Ooops!   Christine, THE best sister-in-law ever, told me I should wear it everyday, sagging or not, it’s so pretty.


The lace edging here is what needs to be blocked.  Alas, I will not be blocking this.  I think it’s pretty as it is anyway.




I fell in love with the colors of this yarn.  Can you see the shifting tones of lapis lazuli and teal?  It reminds me of the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  I have great memories of the fun we had in Mexico with my siblings-in-law.  They invited us down there to stay in their time share vacation spot, Sandos, in Playa de Carmen, Mexico.   Every time I wear this, I am reminded of the beauty of Mexico and the great friends I love.  One of the perks of knitting something particular for a special occasion.

You can find Carol Sunday on Ravelry.  She has her own website with many gorgeous patterns and has her own yarn line.   I have purchased a kit from her that is on my list to make.  It’s a scarf/stole/wrap called High Country.  I purchased her yarn that goes with the kit.  No more yarn substitution mistakes for me!

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 7.46.23 PM

High Country by Carol Sunday

Joji Mystery Knit-a-Long


Lauren, my daughter-in-law

This is my latest accomplishment.  It’s a wrap/shawl.  It is designed by Joji Locatelli and her pattern is available on Ravelry.  What is a mystery knit-a-long you ask?  It’s a pattern that is released in stages and you don’t know the design.  It’s a mystery.  I think about 4,000 people signed up to knit this pretty shawl.  A clue (part of the pattern) is released about once a week until the full pattern is done.

She is pregnant with Jack, our grandson, and is married to my oldest son, John.  I had her pose with Poppy to demonstrate what a lovely shawl this is for a breastfeeding mother.


She is so beautiful!


Thank you Rodan & Fields Lash Boost for pretty long lashes.


Check out the pattern on Ravelry.  Like I said, about 4,000+ people joined this knit-a-long from all over the globe.  There are many different color combinations.  You pick 5 colors you like, and you have your shawl.

This wrap is made from Madeline Tosh Merino Light, which is $20 something per skein of yarn.  That’s about a $100 investment in a wrap.  I was not ready to invest $100 in a wrap I had no idea what it looked like.  I waited until the first 2 weeks were accomplished before I committed.  Joji is a beloved designer with lots of well loved designs.  Many people committed because it was a Joji design and knew it would be beautiful.

I’m getting ready to do another Knit-a-long by Andrea Mowry called “What the Fade”.   Find her on Ravelry.


Stash Control

When you become a knitter, you also become a yarn aficionado.  When I started knitting, my dear husband, who likes to dote on me, would say, “Let’s go to the yarn store and I’ll get you some yarn.”    He is so generous with me!   I would just go buy pretty yarn.  As I’ve learned and progressed in my knitting adventures, I learned how to buy yarn better.  Now when I buy yarn, I have an idea of what it will make and how much of it I need.

I am also a bargain hunter.  I know I’m going to use the yarn someday.  Yarn can be expensive!  I like to go to the bargain bins.  I often stock up when LYS and Online stores have their end of season sales.  Also, yarn companies will discontinue yarns and you can get good deals on the discontinued yarns.   Just make sure you have an idea in mind and know about how much you need to purchase, because, if you run short, there is no more.

I ran across a garage sale where a retired yarn store owner was selling her last remnants of yarn.   I think I spent about  $500 for $4,000.00 worth of yarn!   I really stocked up then.  She had the good stuff,  lots of Malabrigo.  So, after 7 years of knitting and yarn collecting, I have a large stash.

Here is where I store my yarn.

Fingering and DK collection

This is my expensive fingering collection.  I have a project planned for each skein!

This is my Worsted and Bulky collection.

You may be thinking that I need a psychiatrist at this point.  You may be right.

You want to keep your yarn away from dust and bugs, like moths.  I love yarn and think it’s beautiful.  I like to show it off and look at it.  That is why I keep it in glass cabinets.  I also add cedar balls, to keep safe from moths.  I have them organized by weight.  Fingering, DK, Worsted, and Bulky.

I also have my yarn categorized on Ravelry.  You can list your yarn on Ravelry and search patterns that would work with the yarn in your stash.  Love that feature!  It seems like a lot of work, but I highly recommend, categorizing on Ravelry.  Who wouldn’t like to organize and play with soft, squishy, colorful yarn?

My cabinets come from garage sales and estate sales.  I bargain hunt for everything!  I found a lawyer’s bookshelf yesterday for only $50.00.  I have no place to put it and I don’t need anymore yarn, so I passed.   A lawyer’s bookshelf is a bookshelf with glass doors on each shelf.  Excellent for storing yarn.  See, I do have SOME self-control.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 10.42.44 AM

Lawyer’s Bookshelf

Some people store their yarn in plastic Rubbermaid boxes.  I want to look at my yarn and display it.

I do not collect anything; no plates, no Precious Moments, no glass or silverware or dishes, or dolls,  I collect yarn.  When I travel, we stop at the Local Yarn Stores (LYS) and I buy a skein or two as a souvenir on our trips.   It’s always something I can use.

Ravelry has an App called Stash 2 Go and it has a Local Yarn Store finder program.  Anywhere you are, you can pick ” Find Local Yarn Stores”, and Viola!, all the nearest yarn stores pup up.  Len and I have come across some fun adventures following the LYS app on Stash To Go.

Enjoy your yarn.  We have a short life here on this planet and do what makes you happy. Yarn makes me happy.



Facelift in a Bottle


I want to introduce everyone to Rodan and Fields.   These are the dermatologists that created Proactive.   They have an anti-aging skin care line.  I have been using these products for more than a year now.

No judgements please, but I am one of those people who can be lazy with their skin care.  I often go to bed with my makeup on.  I wash my face once a day (mostly), but not always with the full spectrum of products.  I STILL have great results!  These products work!


I took this picture today (8/11/17) with no makeup on.  I do have lipgloss on, but that’s it.  Nothing else.  I am 48 years old!  I think I look pretty darn good for nearly 50! (Except for that mole on my nose!   It looks like a blemish, but it’s not, it’s a mole. )

Remember I’m a lazy face washer!   Imagine the results you will have with consistancy.  You can see the wrinkles on my chest.  Those used to be deep!  They are much better, but I still have room for improvement.  It’s all about consistancy.

I was in Colorado recently and suffered altitude sickness.  I was very sick!  My eyes were jaundiced, I had red little dots all over my face, my lips went numb, severe headache, and vomiting all over Colorado.  I’m a pretty calm cucumber when it comes to illness, but I was worried ! I went to the doctor and the nurse was checking me in.  She was getting my history and she looked at the paperwork and exlaimed, “You are 48 years old!”  No wonder you are worried.  I thought you were 30!.”   As sick as I was, I sure did enjoy that compliment!


This is my husband, Len.  This is his “before” and 5 facials “after”.  I have to run him down and make him do his face.    His skin looks so much better!  The texture alone is amazing.  He already looks younger.   He is only 10 years older than me.

Here are some other’s results.


Please pay attention to the length of time this gentleman used the products; only 2 weeks!  He looks like he has had a face lift.  Truly amazing.  Check out that grin on his face on the second picture.  How can you not be pleased with those results.


The products are not only for your face.   I use them on my décolleté.  I’m a bit overweight and I sleep on my side.  I had deep crevices on my chest.   I’m not perfect yet, but, it has certainly improved.   I have just fine lines now.    I also use the Active Hydration on the back of my hands and have had amazing results on my hands.

tpelfrey@myrandf.com.    Go to my website and look around.   You can buy product,  research, and learn about the products.   Click on the “Contact Me” at the top of the page and comment and I will send you a free trial of the Reverse Regimen and a Dermabrasion sample.   Rodan and Fields is so confident in their products, that you can purchase a 60 day package, and if you are not satisfied, return it for a full money back guarantee.

I will tell you upfront, you purchase products in a 60 day format.  So what you buy lasts you for 2 months.   The way I use the products, they last longer for me.  To buy a basic regimen will be anywhere from $180.00 to $280.00.   Remember, these are 2 months worth of product.   Compare that to how much a facelift costs you, or expensive medical spa treatments.  One Photofacial treatment to treat my rosacea costs me $300.00.  I need at least 5 of those treatments to get results.  That is $1500.00.  (Not to mention it hurts like heck!)  Compare to $180.00 every 2 months for the Soothe Regimen.     I average about $100/month for the best anti-aging skin care out there.    Rodan and Fields won the #1 anti-aging skin care line for 2017.

I have been using these products for a while now.  I’m happy with my results and am financially stable and happy with my life.  I joined the Rodan and Fields business to share my great results with other people. I am a Registered Nurse and have a compassionate heart and a gift for helping people.  My goal is to help people.  When you look great, you feel great.  You have more confidence and are a much happier person.  Let me help you look better

I’m so excited that I get to help people

I have my mom and dad using these products now.  Many of you know her, Joy Bernhardt of Joyful-Expressions blog.  She also has VLOG.  Check out her blog for her testimony.