Facelift in a Bottle


I want to introduce everyone to Rodan and Fields.   These are the dermatologists that created Proactive.   They have an anti-aging skin care line.  I have been using these products for more than a year now.

No judgements please, but I am one of those people who can be lazy with their skin care.  I often go to bed with my makeup on.  I wash my face once a day (mostly), but not always with the full spectrum of products.  I STILL have great results!  These products work!


I took this picture today (8/11/17) with no makeup on.  I do have lipgloss on, but that’s it.  Nothing else.  I am 48 years old!  I think I look pretty darn good for nearly 50! (Except for that mole on my nose!   It looks like a blemish, but it’s not, it’s a mole. )

Remember I’m a lazy face washer!   Imagine the results you will have with consistancy.  You can see the wrinkles on my chest.  Those used to be deep!  They are much better, but I still have room for improvement.  It’s all about consistancy.

I was in Colorado recently and suffered altitude sickness.  I was very sick!  My eyes were jaundiced, I had red little dots all over my face, my lips went numb, severe headache, and vomiting all over Colorado.  I’m a pretty calm cucumber when it comes to illness, but I was worried ! I went to the doctor and the nurse was checking me in.  She was getting my history and she looked at the paperwork and exlaimed, “You are 48 years old!”  No wonder you are worried.  I thought you were 30!.”   As sick as I was, I sure did enjoy that compliment!


This is my husband, Len.  This is his “before” and 5 facials “after”.  I have to run him down and make him do his face.    His skin looks so much better!  The texture alone is amazing.  He already looks younger.   He is only 10 years older than me.

Here are some other’s results.


Please pay attention to the length of time this gentleman used the products; only 2 weeks!  He looks like he has had a face lift.  Truly amazing.  Check out that grin on his face on the second picture.  How can you not be pleased with those results.


The products are not only for your face.   I use them on my décolleté.  I’m a bit overweight and I sleep on my side.  I had deep crevices on my chest.   I’m not perfect yet, but, it has certainly improved.   I have just fine lines now.    I also use the Active Hydration on the back of my hands and have had amazing results on my hands.

tpelfrey@myrandf.com.    Go to my website and look around.   You can buy product,  research, and learn about the products.   Click on the “Contact Me” at the top of the page and comment and I will send you a free trial of the Reverse Regimen and a Dermabrasion sample.   Rodan and Fields is so confident in their products, that you can purchase a 60 day package, and if you are not satisfied, return it for a full money back guarantee.

I will tell you upfront, you purchase products in a 60 day format.  So what you buy lasts you for 2 months.   The way I use the products, they last longer for me.  To buy a basic regimen will be anywhere from $180.00 to $280.00.   Remember, these are 2 months worth of product.   Compare that to how much a facelift costs you, or expensive medical spa treatments.  One Photofacial treatment to treat my rosacea costs me $300.00.  I need at least 5 of those treatments to get results.  That is $1500.00.  (Not to mention it hurts like heck!)  Compare to $180.00 every 2 months for the Soothe Regimen.     I average about $100/month for the best anti-aging skin care out there.    Rodan and Fields won the #1 anti-aging skin care line for 2017.

I have been using these products for a while now.  I’m happy with my results and am financially stable and happy with my life.  I joined the Rodan and Fields business to share my great results with other people. I am a Registered Nurse and have a compassionate heart and a gift for helping people.  My goal is to help people.  When you look great, you feel great.  You have more confidence and are a much happier person.  Let me help you look better

I’m so excited that I get to help people

I have my mom and dad using these products now.  Many of you know her, Joy Bernhardt of Joyful-Expressions blog.  She also has VLOG.  Check out her blog for her testimony.