Purls, Puppies, and a Cat


Max doing a Vanna White imitation showing off my new project.

What a great day of knitting and puppies.  My latest project is the Chevron Fringe Shawl by SOSU – Susanne Sommer.  I love it! I’m enjoying playing with the different yarn combinations and textures.  There is absolutely no ‘purling” involved.  You knit two right side rows then two wrong side rows.  The only thing that I don’t like is the fact that you’re starting a new row every 4th row.  That’s a lot of starting and stopping.   You don’t get into the rhythm of the flow of knitting with the frequent stops and starts.  So it’s taking forever.   I’m a little over half way through, and I’m already wanting to start something else.    I did interrupt this project already with the Joji Mystery knit-a-long.   The end of this month a new knit-a-long starts called “What the Fade?!” by Andrea Mowry, and I’m really tempted to put this aside and jump in this KAL.


I used a skein of Polaris by Rozetti that has some sequins in it.  I love it!   I like a little glitz but not too much.  Speaking of glitz….I was at our LYS, David’s Yarn, checking out with some clearance yarn that I purchased.  Three of the skeins had some silver tinsel in the yarn.  The checkout girls and I were oohhhhing and ahhhhing over the pretty yarn, and a lady next to me waiting to check out solemnly said, “I would PAY you to keep the glitz out of the yarn.”  Well there, little Eeyore, you just totally dumped on my yarn!  Interesting people we knitters!

Here is the glitzy yarn I purchased: Any one of my young 20 something daughters would love to wear a cowl made out of this.  It’s a real rich and lush reddish brown.

On to the puppies.  Our neighbors came over today to play with the pups.  Our house is always full of dogs, puppies, a cat or two, babies, grandchildren, grown children; it’s really pretty fantastic.

Check out Max, the cat in the middle of everything.  He’s in with the puppies because HE wants to be in with the pups.  He is literally “part of the pack”.  He is always in the middle of anything that’s going on.  He’s such a great cat.  I’m really in love with the little guy.

You’ve got to be leaving my page today with a happy heart!  Sometimes it’s just the small things that make life great.  Check out those smiles, even the dogs are smiling.

9 thoughts on “Purls, Puppies, and a Cat

  1. That lady has no taste – I love that glitzy yarn! I wonder if it would be shiny at night, like, in car headlights – that would make it a safe scarf to wear when walking home at night in the winter 🙂

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    • Great idea! I would wear something light colored with glitz instead of dark for night walking. One of my first trauma cases working in the ER, a man jogging at night was accidentally run over by a 16 year old girl because he was wearing all dark colors (no glitz either!). Because of that, when I’m walking at night, I actually wear one of those headbands with a lamp/light on it. I put it around my dogs neck and turn on the red blinking light. If I don’t have my dogs, I have a blinking light on my person some how. I also try to live by “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it.”


  2. I just found your blog through following Joyful Expressions, and I like it very much. I love knitting too. Is that an Australian Shepherd I see in a picture of the puppies? I have one and he, Locky, is my boy. Great blog!

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    • Thank you! Yes. That is Bootsy, our Australian Shepherd and those black puppies are hers. We breed her with our Standard Poodle, Brodie and make Aussiedoodles. We breed Goldendoodles and produce large gorgeous Goldendoodles. We started with the Aussiedoodles to produce a smaller “doodle”. Bootsy is a great girl. So sweet and affectionate. She actually jumps up in your lap and pushes against you to give you a hug. We love her! We’ve heard great feedback from her pups owners. What are Locky’s colors? My son and DIL have two Australian Shepherds too.


      • My Aussie, Locky, is a 7 year old red Merle. He is the third Aussie I have had. An Aussiedoodle sounds good, I have never seen one. I enjoyed your blog entry on the bee keeper quilt. I have the pattern but haven’t started one yet. Looking forward to more of your blog.

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  3. Hi Tammy! I found my way to your blog from your mom. Daughter like mom. I think your blog is great too and it looks like your home is a fun place to be. The pups are adorable and so is that little girl.
    I CAN knit but I find I pick it up very seldom. I spend more time quilting or stitching hand applique or embroidery. You may motivate me to pull out the old needles yet. I loved that pretty ocean blue swim suit cover up. That yarn was delicious! You do beautiful work!

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  4. Awe. You are so kind! Thanks for commenting. If I’m watching TV, I have to be knitting. My husband and I like to take road trips and I do a lot of knitting in the car. I’ve read that the motion of knitting puts you in a trance like state and it’s calming and relaxing. I think that’s why I like it so much.


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