Unfinished Objects


Tell me about your unfinished objects.  I have a few.  It’s crazy really.  It’s not that I don’t like the projects.  I think it’s more that I put it down for a bit, then get distracted and move on to something else.   Starting this blog has helped.  I feel a certain amount of accountability with belonging to the amazing world of fiber artists to complete and show off my projects.


This is the Rivulet by Shannon Okey.  It’s beautiful and so warm.   I only lack adding the front garter stitch button band.  That’s what stopped me.  I knit this beautiful cardigan and was held up  because of knitting button holes.  Of course, I need to block it too.  The pattern tells you to add buttonholes however you like.   Since there are no step-by-step instructions, I have to sit down, watch several YouTube videos or search online tutorials on button holes, or rummage thru all my books to finish this.  Plus, I have to do the math on button-hole placement and it will have to be perfect, or I won’t like it.  I will someday make myself finish this.  I love it.  It’s really very pretty.  My friends and family think I’m some kind of knitting savant, but I’m not.   I don’t even know how to make button holes.   Shhh!  Don’t tell them.


This is the Lipstick Cardigan  by Marly Bird.  Another beautiful project I love that’s just waiting to be finished.   I lack adding on the lace bottom piece and the front, around the neck piece. It’s gorgeous !    I had this laid out and pinned together to seem, but I had company and had to put this away for a bit.    I got distracted and moved on to something else.  I will finish this someday too.   It’s gorgeous!   Nothing hard here.   Just my short attention span.


This is the Arika Cowl.  All it needs is the edge to be seemed and fringe added.  The hole for the head seems really small to me.  I’m iffy about this one.  I will finish it tho!  Someday.  The color is teal.   Teal doesn’t photograph well.  It looks blue in the photo.  Isn’t it pretty tho?  I’m making this for Lauren.  I need to finish it before she is an old lady. (She’s only 26).


These are the Passport Mitts by Knit Equals Joy Designs.  My mom asked for some fingerless gloves for Christmas and this is what I chose to make for her.  I’m just not super happy about them.  These gloves are a size small and they fit me well, maybe a tad too big.  My mom has smaller hands than me and I fear these will be too big.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with these.  They are not perfect so I’m not happy with them.  But, they are really pretty fingerless gloves.   It’s just going to sit around for me to stare at  I’m afraid.   I’m using an Alpaca yarn and they feel amazing.   I guess I should finish these and keep for myself and start over for something for Mom.


Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 10.55.45 AM

Here is the Lovers Knot Afghan.  This is a beautiful blanket.  I will finish this one day!  I came in late watching Game of Thrones.  I believe I started when season 4 was out.  Oh my gosh!  I bindge watched the entire 4 seasons back to back.  I hurt my coccyx (bottom) from sitting down for so long for so many hours in a row!  I LOVE this blanket!  It’s made with Universal Cotton.  It’s heavy, big, and wonderful!  I made a bigger queen size version.  It’s for the guest bedroom.

Last but not least is my current project.  Felecita – The Arrow Sweater


I don’t know if I have enough blue yarn!   I stopped midway down the body to do the sleaves to make sure I have enough for the sleeves and I did the neck band in white to save on the blue yarn.   The lace portion at the bottom of the sweater will be gold.  So I can play within the strips a bit with the gold and remaining blue yarn I have.    The blue yarn is a discontinued color from Malabrigo called Mare, so I can’t get anymore of it.

Am I just a total ADD weirdo?  I wonder sometimes.  I suspect I’m not alone with having unfinished projects like this.  I’m off to work on my Arrow Sweater.   Oh please Oh please  let me have enough blue yarn!

Happy Knitting!