Earthship in Taos, NM – Oddhouse


My husband, Len, has always been interested in self reliance and making homes self sustainable and off the grid.  We stopped and looked at these “Earthships” one time during a vacation in Taos, NM.  He seemed really impressed by it so I found a few for rent on Airbnb.  This one is called the Oddhouse


This is what greets you as you drive up and pull into the driveway. The green domes, in the upper right, have open windows for fresh air and a breeze.  You walk down the stairs and are greeted by the front door.


It’s unusual, artsy, whimsical, and charming.  It felt like we were staying in a real Hobbit house!


When you walk inside, you are treated by an atrium and the kitchen.  The atrium has this beautiful tree along with flowers and lavender.  It’s beautiful.


Below is the living room.

fullsizeoutput_1fefThe bedroom.



Here is a video of a run through the place if you’re interested.  I’m an amateur videographer!  Next time, I will remember to go slower!  Hopefully, you won’t get vertigo!


Len and I are both glad we stayed here.  We can say we’ve stayed in an underground home.  We had a few crickets in the house and outside the house.  There is no air conditioning.  You can’t use a hair dryer, curling iron, or electric coffee maker because it may use up all the battery life.   The open shower (shown in the video) is interesting.  You are standing butt naked in front of a window with no shower curtain as the place is made of concrete and the water won’t damage the floors/walls.   One morning, we walked out onto the patio, me in my nightgown and Len naked, and someone waved at us looking for his dogs.  Len got busted naked!  It looks like a barren desert, but, it’s not.  It’s a community of Earthships.  Your neighbors are far away but you still have neighbors out walking their dogs and such.  So learn from our mistake if you venture out there!

I felt like we were camping luxuriously.  The outdoors actually indoors with you.  It was hot.  We both slept nearly naked on top of the covers to try and cool off.  There was a fan there to help.   Reminded me of camping when I was a kid.  The crickets sang all night long.  We left the front and back doors open to catch a breeze through the house (which he learned to do from reading the various earthship books throughout the house).

I’m glad we visited here.  I recommend it.  We stayed 2 nights.

Next, I’ll tell you about the yarn stores in Taos!


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