Giggles and Laughs

If you’ve got a little over 1 minute, you should watch this funny video.  It will put a grin on your face!  We took Luke to Barnes and Noble and found this squirrel puppet.  Len doesn’t take very good pictures for some reason.  I occasionally will get a good photo.  Len looks good here.  What woman doesn’t make googlie eyes at a man when they are playing with her children…  I’ve watched this video about 20 times so far.

I’ve actually cleaned up my knit space this morning as my bulky yarn afghan is completed!  I’m off to block it now.

I’ve cleaned up my photos in my last post so you can see my knit space  in the clean organized manner it’s supposed to be.  So, if you’ve read my last post, check out the pics again.  I realized my photos “as-is”  was like going to Wal-mart in your pajamas so I cleaned up a bit and updated the blog post.

Here’s updated photos of my knit space cleaned up.  I told my husband the other day that I think we like the sunroom so much, because it’s like a tree house fort.  It’s rustic and completely surrounded in stained cedar, even the ceiling.  We have 4 huge windows (it’s a sunroom after all) and plants everywhere, outdoors and indoors.   I was looking around and realized it’s our tree house fort for adults, just not in a tree.   Cool.


I hope you have a smile on your face from Luke and Len and the squirrel puppet!

Happy Knitting friends!




3 thoughts on “Giggles and Laughs

  1. Hi Tammy, Loved the video of Luke with the squirrel. You just can’t watch that without smiling and laughing out loud. So precious! I also have a knitting question for you. I am a fairly experienced knitter,,(I thought) but I am taking a Craftsy class on getting gauge because I have always had a problem with that. I did my swatch and it came out the perfect size the first time but now I am knitting a little simple shawl and you have to cast on over 200 stitches and I am having trouble with the yarn coming untwisted. By the time I noticed it I had to just rip it out because it’s knotting and pulling up and the strands are separating and when they do it’s like it has a backwards twist to it that pulls the yarn up into little knots. and I couldn’t see how to fix it. I am using the yarn suggested in the Craftsy class. It’s Manos Del Uruguay Maxima Space 100% Merino wool. It comes on a hank which I wound into a ball by hand. Do you think winding it by hand is causing me to have this problem. Have you ever had this happen and if so do you know how to fix it?

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    • My first thought was the yarn but that yarn is a single ply yarn. My second thought is you should rewind the yarn. It’s not that you wound it by hand, but maybe wound it in it’s opposite natural fibers direction. Make the tail the beginning and the beginning the tail. I’ve also had a knitting guru from the Stitches conventions tell me it doesn’t matter which end you use. I have had that happen to me before also. Good luck! How did you like the gauge class from Craftsy? I often have a hard time with getting gauge myself. My gauge also changes from the beginning of a project to the end of the project. I get the rhythm and pattern down and I guess I get more relaxed.


  2. That makes sense. I’ll try winding it again and maybe that will make it lay back in the right direction so it won’t kink up. I have a ball winder but I just can’t remember where I put it! I have tons of Craftsy Classes and I just joined Craftsy Unlimited so I am making it my goal to do some of the classes instead of just watching them. The Getting Gauge class is pretty basic and I did get the gauge I was supposed to. I feel that my knitting is beyond making the simple scarf and hats that the class requires but I decided I am going to do them anyway because the object of the class is to get gauge. I think the scarf will be boring and I will be anxious to do something more interesting but it’s something I should have learned a long time ago and kind of skipped over it so I am going to stick it out. It’s really a beginners class though!


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