Brian and Buttercup


We have Goldendoodle puppies!  I want to share some cute pictures.  This little boy is my favorite!  They are all adorable cute puppies, but Brian has formed an attachment to me. I was trying to take some pictures to list them for sale and he would not leave my side long enough for me to get a snapshot.   I turned the lens around to get pics of him with me.


Look how sweet he is!  He is giving me a cuddle!  Unfortunately, it makes no sense for me to keep any of our pups.  My pets are his parents.  Here are a few more pics.,


This is Buttercup.  She is stunning!  She is so beautiful.


fullsizeoutput_343eLook at her coat.  It is so thick and curly.  Her mother, Sandy, could have been a show dog.  She is really pretty.  Our vet tells us so :-).  Our vet gets down on the floor and cuddles Sandy and pours out compliments to her.  Buttercup takes after her mother.

We also have a few black Goldendoodles, but they are hard to photograph at times.


The black Goldendoodles have such silky curls.  The creams ones are more like cotton fluff and the black pups have silky curly coats.

If you’ve stuck with me thru the adorable puppy pictures, I have one more thing to show you.   My step-daughter, Bailey, is super creative and talented.  She made me a logo for “Achickthatknitz”.     What do you think?   It’s me.


She actually started custom making these.  She will work with you to make a logo.  I’m so impressed with her talent.

Happy Thanksgiving !

One thought on “Brian and Buttercup

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