Girl’s Night in the Yarn Studio


We had a spontaneous girl’s night in my new yarn studio.  Lauren and Lindy came over to hang out and we painted our first skeins of yarn in the studio!    Lauren knits and crochets and has a love for yarn.  Lindy now has an appreciation for the art of hand-dyed yarn!     (She is an amazing artist!  I hope this reawakens a spark of creativity for her!). Lindy was pretty surprised at how much fun she had.  She is really good with watercolors, so I can see why she loved this so much.


Look how proud she is!


We were playing.


We can’t forget Max!  He is still helping me pose my yarn!

We ended our night eating Mexican bowls at Fuzzy’s along with a margarita.  It was a great spontaneous night with my girls.  We all had a great time.  The girls were tickled pink with their own creations and are eager to cast-on.

On a side note – this would be a great craft to do with your kids.  The math you use is ratio and proportion and would be a great lesson to teach the kids.   They can see math used in a fun creative way.  You need to figure how much dye to use per weight of yarn.  You can also teach fractions with diluting  colors.     Just an idea 🙂

Happy Knitting Friends!




4 thoughts on “Girl’s Night in the Yarn Studio

    • Hi Ruth! I purchased the yarn from Craftsy on sale (60% off). It’s their Cloudborne Twisted Worsted. The yarns start out a natural ecru color. It’s an official “worsted” weight, but it’s the smallest worsted size. Reviewers complained about it actually, but Craftsy responded that it was officially “worsted”. I purchased it to learn on. The second picture with just Lindy next to her yarn, shows the yarn on the other side of the rack, before we color it. It’s not “white” but a natural ecru color.
      Candada! That is so neat!


  1. I LOVE the color combinations. So pretty. I have quite a few years to wait to get crafting with my little lady (18 weeks old right now) but it is something I am looking forward to. I did make jewelry with my oldest son when he was young. He had an eye for color combinations. I’ve also got him to do a little loom knitting, but now that he’s 13 it’s harder to get him crafting. My 4 and 2 year old boys are very active and physical so I think sports will be more their thing than crafts. They do enjoy drawing, so maybe they will be crafty. 🙂
    I just hope my kiddos enjoy spending time with me as adults like your girls do.

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    • Hi Tracy, They will. The teen years were difficult for me. I don’t know if all teens think their parents are dorks, but mine did. Once they reach their 20’s and are “adulting” themselves, parents become cool again. My son Jake, wanted to learn to knit. He learned when he was around 13. That’s the only time he did it but he was interested enough to learn stockinette stitch. Then the grandkids come!!!! They will be around, I promise! Tammy

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