Nightshift in Noro


My latest creation is the Nightshift shawl by Andrea Mowry.  I made it with Noro Silk Garden that I had on hand in my stash.


I”m really pleased with it.  It may look complicated, but it’s not.  The color changes happen with the yarn.  The yarn does all the work.   I did not use her recommended yarn.  I wore it out today for a pedicure date with my daughter, Lindy, followed by Sushi for lunch.


This is what is looks like from behind.


Max.  Look how big he’s gotten!  He’s all adult now.  He wants to hunt at night and sleep all day.  He is potty trained to potty outside.   He doesn’t use a litter box.  He trained himself.  It’s nothing I did.  The problem with that is he wakes me up in the middle of the night by pouncing and running up my body when I’m in bed asleep.  Sometimes, I just lay there after the initial “pounce” at my feet, hoping and praying he will go away.  If I don’t respond, then the running/pouncing up my body until he reaches my head begins.  If he really needs to go outside, I get the full body pounce immediately.   What can I say?  I love him.




11 thoughts on “Nightshift in Noro

  1. Your scarf is really beautiful. If you didn’t use the recommended yarn then how do you find yarn that you can substitute. It worked up so like the picture of the original on Ravlelry. Actually, your’s is prettier. Will any hand painted yarn work up the same way?

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    • Hi, you need to use a color changing yarn. Don’t get a solid color. It’s a slip stitch pattern. One strand of yarn lays over the other strand of yarn, so you need a contrasting color. Two different colors is all you need. I think I even used two different versions of Noro yarn that I had on hand. Just choose yarn that is contrasting and changes colors throughout the skein. You also need to consider the “drape” of the yarn. The yarn I used is wool and silk and it looks rustic. If you use a softer, silkier yarn, you will get a more soft and silkier fabric. Also, I looked through Ravelry and paid attention to some of the different yarns other knitters used in their projects. I saw some Noro yarns used and how they looked knitted up. Since I had the Noro on hand and didn’t have to go buy more yarn, that’s what used. It’s a fun knit. Lots and lots of pretty colors on Ravelry.

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    • I know what you mean! I’m on the larger size and some of the things I want to knit are like $290.00 for a sweater! I would never spend that much on a sweater! I got the idea from looking at what some others used on Ravelry. Tammy.

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  2. I just love yours. Do you have to use contrasting color? Could you just use two of the same color or perhaps two different. Would love any help you can give me. Thank you much.


  3. That is a stunning scarf! I too prefer your colours! I have looked up Noro Silk Garden but there are 28 colours within that style!!! Is there any chance you could recall which two Silk Garden colours you used? THank you kindly…Netti


    • Hi Netti! Thank you! My Noro colors I bought about 10 years ago. I doubt they have any of the colors I used. Fortunately, I used what I had on hand in my stash. Pick to contrasting colors and it will look beautiful.
      Happy New Year!
      Tammy 🙂


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