I’ve finally finished an official “Fade” type pattern!  Yay me!  I’ve made a fade type shawl with my previous shawl “Dotted Rays”  by Stephen West.   I was creative and made the Fade on my own.   This is “Free Your Fade” by Andrea Mowry.   It’s an easy knit.  Guess what?   I made it with my own hand dyed yarn!  Yay me again!


This takes 3 skeins of yarn in different color combinations.  I made this in my Fingering Singles yarn in Pink, Circus, and Lake House.  I’m going to make a moody, dark one next.


I’m working every day on my new hand dyed yarn business.  Currently, I’m stocking my “store” on Etsy.  You are sure to find me under “A chick that knitz.”   I’ve got 27 different color ways listed.  I have about 50 total to load.  Once I have all my colors listed, I’m going to have a grand opening sale and everything will be 30% off for the opening.  So go look around if you would like, but remember to wait for the official opening for 30% off everything!  I love a good sale!  (It’s taken me a week to photograph and load 27 colors, it may take another week to load the rest).

I will also have my own “shop” on the web.  I will get that up and running once I’ve loaded up Etsy.  Since I’m brand spanking new with my yarn business, I figured that would help introduce my yarn to people.

It Spring Y’all!  Yay!  My nose sure knows!  I’m allergic to cedar and every other kind of tree known to mankind.  I’m basically allergic to March.  I don’t know how they work, but I have a Himalayan Salt Lamp near my bed and it helps with my allergies.  It doesn’t cure them, but it helps.  I notice a difference when I don’t have it on anyway.


Max enjoying the long grass before Len gets the mower out for the first time this season.

I’m in-between projects right now.  My fingers are itching to work on something!  I’m looking for a particular project.  When I officially open my store and have the grand opening, I’m going to do a “KAL. Knit-a-Long” and I’m looking for that project.  I want to showcase my yarns and showcase a Fade type pattern.

Happy Sunday!


Tammy – A Chick That Knitz


2 thoughts on “Fades

  1. Tammy I have enjoyed your blogs and have watched your vlogs from the first day you filmed with your mom on her vlog. I am a retired RN and know how important it is to have something to do that helps you relax. I crochet and sew. I took a knitting class once while I was still working the night shift and was able to do the basic stitches. I was trying to knit a sweater and when I encountered problems doing the shoulders, the teacher and some of her friends taking the class decided to move it to another location that prevented me from going any longer. Oh well, I finally unraveled it and crocheted an afghan. You are a beautiful, talented woman and I impatiently wait for every article/video you share. Kudos to you for facing the fearful and daunting challenge of conquering your fears. May God bless you and your family. Shirley Cramer from Terra Alta, WV.

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    • Wow Shirley! You are so kind! Thank you for your time and thank you for stopping to say “Hello”. I am planning on doing a “learn to knit” video soon. Also a Knit-a-long that we can all do together. I don’t yet know how good of a teacher I will be, but we will see. Many many blessings to you Shirley!

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