Winter Fun

Welcome to deep Winter. We have had a fun winter as far as more than one beautiful snowfall here in Oklahoma. We rarely get snow anymore. When we do get snowfall, it’s special.

We’re celebrating deep Winter here at A Chick That Knitz. When we do get snowfall, I often think of the movie “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. It has such a magical crystal white wintery snow filled landscape that is charming. It inspired me to create our magical wintery snow themed windows.

We have the lion, the witch (Elsa), and the wardrobe. It’s full of warm, soft, and squishy wooly knits.

This is Mr. Tumnus’s cottage where he invites Lucy in for tea. We have two large super chunky and soft and squishy blankets to snuggle up in next to the fire. We’ve got a hot pot of tea ready to warm your insides and baskets of yarn for knitting and crochet projects nearby.

This is the Juniper Wishing Scarf by Tiny Owl Knits. You will want to make more than one!

I wanted to show off this beautiful wrap that Sharon Keane of “KansasKlicker” on Etsy made with our 2020 Advent kit! It’s so pretty! It’s the Adventuresome Wrap by Ambah O’Brien available on Ravelry. (Sharon, just keep on knittin’ kitten! I love all your fiber art!)

We’re planning on adding more beginner classes and teachers. I may even teach a beginner class or two!

I wish each and every one of you many blessings. I want everyone to turn from fear and sadness and turn to love, kindness, and happiness. Be generous with your friends and neighbors and even strangers. We all have had to face hard times this past year and I’m so proud of the people that have kept their chins up and carry on with kindness and generosity. We can all find something to be grateful for. I truly love each and every one of you!

Tammy ūüôā

A Chick That Knitz

Cowls for Christmas

Happy holidays! ¬†Are you ready for Christmas? ¬†I’m getting there. ¬†I finished these cowls for my girls.


I made them with two strands of Cascade 128 yarn held together to make a super-bulky weight yarn.


They turned out super cute. ¬†I’m happy with them. ¬†I know the girls will be. ¬†I made 3 of these with only 2 skeins of the Cascade 128 yarn. ¬†One in each color, then the remainder used 1 skein of each color for the multicolor effect. ¬†I was able to make 2 of them in one day! ¬†An entire day of binge watching Netflix helped.

You can find the pattern Drop Stitch Cowl link on my Ravelry page.

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 10.47.12 AMHere is a picture of the first one I made several years ago. ¬†Lindy loves this, she wears it still and gets tons of compliments on it. ¬†It’s made from a more bulky weight yarn.

Two of my girls have already seen these so they know what’s coming.

I’m working on something new that I will share with you soon. Oh. ¬†It’s a good day to block my new blanket I just finished! ¬†It turned out beautiful.

Just found out that the yarn store, L & B Yarn Store, in Norman, OK is closing its doors. ¬†They are having 50% off everything in the store. ¬† I went yesterday, but they don’t open until noon, so I missed out.

Happy Knitting!



Mrs. Crosby’s Dye Workshop

Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 1.50.32 PM

Lauren and I attended this dye workshop and had a great time. ¬†Amanda Jarvis is the artist behind Mrs. Crosby’s yarns, based in Chicago. ¬†SWAK (Sealed With A Kiss), in Guthrie, Oklahoma, hosted the class.


Keely is a fabulous host! ¬†She loves to cook gourmet food. ¬†Her hors d’oeuvre’s are always interesting. ¬†Not to mention, she serves wine and last night, she also served frozen margarita’s, and strawberry margarita’s. ¬†I know after 2 glasses of wine, I was feeling pretty good, and having a fun relaxed time.

The beginning of the class, everyone is quiet, and doesn’t know anybody. ¬†People are being polite and using their best manners. ¬†Start drinking some wine, playing in the colors, and by the time the class is nearly over, everybody has their hands all over each other’s yarn,” ooooohing’ and ‘awwwwing’. ¬†Personalities start to open up, you start chatting and laughing with the classmates next and near to you. ¬†It turns into a fun time.


Len asked me how my class went. ¬†I told him, “I was with my people – my tribe.” ¬†lol. ¬†It’s true though!


I’ve been gathering supplies at garage sales to dye yarn; large pots, measuring cups, teaspoons, heat sources. ¬†It’s so messy, I don’t want to do it in the house. ¬†I’ve been waiting for cooler weather, so we can do it in the garage. ¬†We used a microwave as the heat source in this class.



This is Lauren’s yarn.; teal and grey and some olive.


My yarn; olive, purple, and pink.



I was so excited about my yarn, I made some fingerless gloves with it.


I like them. ¬†If you have an opportunity to attend a yarn dyeing class, I highly recommend it! ¬†We both had a great time. ¬†We both are really happy with our yarn. ¬†We’re also excited to get playing with dying some yarn this fall.

Silk Garden Fingerless Gloves is the pattern I used for these super easy gloves.


Happy Knitting Friends!



Yarn Stores in Taos, NM

In years past, we’ve used the app Stash2Go from Ravelry to find local yarn shops while on a road trip. ¬†It makes for some surprising little side adventures on our trips. ¬†This year, we came across the yarn stores during our explorations of the town. ¬†Our first stop was at Vortex Yarns in Taos, New Mexico.


Vortex Yarns

They had this cute clothes line stretched out in front of the store with various handmade fiber items. ¬†My husband, Len, found it right off! ¬†Great idea! ¬†It’s such a surprising treat for me when we come across a yarn store! ¬†It’s like finding a hidden gem in a video game. (Yes, I’m a Zelda fan from playing video games with my kids when they were little. #90’s)


The shop is close to downtown and all the shops. ¬†It was beautiful weather. ¬†Hot in Oklahoma is so different from “hot” elsewhere. ¬†I thinks it’s due to our humidity. ¬†You step outside in Oklahoma on a 90 something degree hot day and you start sweating immediately. ¬†The heat can almost be suffocating here. ¬† It was 90 something degrees in Taos and still comfortable.



Having a blog and sharing your life on the internet can be intimidating. ¬†Blogging has pushed me to come out of my shell and challenge the shy parts of me to quit being so shy! ¬†Walking up to strangers and asking to share a piece of them for myself is hard. ¬†I’ve really had to work on “getting over my self.” ¬†These ladies were so nice and friendly! ¬†I was comfortable the moment I walked in to the store.


Max  and my stash from Vortex Yarns

Here is my “treasure” from Vortex Yarns. ¬†I plan on making the The Aspyn by Melissa Schaschwary. ¬†I’ve been eyeing those faux fur pom-poms for a while now. ¬†Love the colors and the different textures.


After stopping at the rock store to see what gems we could find for our grandkids, we came across this surprise!  Mooncat Fiber!  Another yarn store.


What a charming place to find a yarn store. ¬†Now, I had been here before. ¬†It was very familiar to me as I entered the courtyard. ¬†A few years ago, on another road trip, we were following the app Stash2go, and were led here. ¬†Isn’t that cool?! ¬†See why following the app and exploring the local yarn shops is fun. ¬†Look what gems you find.


They had a beautiful sample of colorful shawls and handmade knits. ¬†It’s just screaming come over here and touch me!


This is a charming shop with good range of local and regional yarns.  Everything was beautiful.


Cathy Book, owner.

Cathy was very warm and welcoming too. ¬†I know she’s getting to look forward to a visit to Rhinebeck, NY this year! ¬† I’m a bit jealous.

I had such fun. ¬†It’s really nice to visit with other people that enjoy yarn and the fiber arts as much as I do. ¬†Look how happy we all look. ¬†I want to thank these beautiful women for giving me and my blog the time of day. ¬†You made for a fun day in Taos, NM.

Happy Knitting,


Lost in Time Shawl

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 2.58.54 PM

I wanted to show and tell some of Lauren’s projects. ¬†She likes to crochet and can do some knitting. ¬†Whereas, I like to knit and can do some crochet. ¬†She is working on the cutest shawl. ¬† It’s called “Lost in Time” by Johanna Lindahl and you can find her pattern here:¬†Lost in Time Shawl.

You should go see the finished projects on Ravelry.  There are 1250 finished projects and  the different color combinations are absolutely stunning!  She ordered the suggested yarn and it is very affordable and good quality yarn.


The yarn arrived yesterday and she has already gotten this far…. ¬†It’s a work in progress and not blocked yet. ¬†This will be her first project that she has blocked. ¬†It will be neat for her to see the magic blocking does for a project.


I stopped by her house yesterday and was the typical nosey mother-in-law and went thru her current projects. ¬†She just decides she’s going to make something and gets her crochet hook out and there you go, she has a project. ¬†I have to have a pattern.

I loved this!


She said she wasn’t crazy about it, but I think it’s gorgeous! ¬†Look how pretty these colors go with her teal nail polish. ¬† She is going to make it into a cowl. ¬† She is from Austin, Tx and has moved here to Edmond, OK. ¬†We have fall and winter here and I’m so excited that she gets to wear lots of knit accessories. ¬† She’s going to love it!


This is a poncho she is making. ¬†She is not done. ¬†But I liked it so much, I wanted to take a picture now. ¬†This is some of the Malabrigo yarn I found at a garage sale. ¬†An entire 10 skein bag full of it. ¬†I’m so happy it has found a home with Lauren and her poncho. ¬†I can just see her taking Luke to the park with this on. ¬†I know, I sound like a broken record, but she is so beautiful. ¬†Her skin is perfect!

I was brought up as a lake kid. ¬†My parents took my step-sister and myself to the lake almost every other weekend growing up. ¬†I had sunburn after sunburn. ¬†Then, as a teenager in the 80’s, we bronzed ourselves in baby oil all summer. ¬†I spent a lot of time at the water park during the summers with my girlfriends. ¬† I’ve had extremely severe sunburns growing up and my skin shows it now. ¬†I’ve had women come up to me and scold me for the freckles on my back as if it’s Leprosy (no kidding). ¬†Raising my children, we were taught to apply the sunscreen. ¬†It wasn’t like that when my parents were raising kids. ¬†So my children’s generation all have pretty skin. ¬†My daughter, Lindy, is the same, beautiful skin!

Thanks to Rodan & Fields, I’m well on my way to reversing all that skin damage. ¬†I’m going to share some other people’s results too.

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 4.22.35 PM

This is what my back looks like. Look at her amazing results!


This woman looks like a mother/daughter photo. I would never guess this is the same woman.

Rodan & Fields

I found out yesterday that a local yarn store, The Gourmet Yarn Company in NW OKC on May Ave is closing!  They are having a clearance sale this Saturday and Sunday with everything  25-50% off storewide.  I am fully loaded on yarn, but a sale is a sale, and knitting needles are rarely ever on sale.  I hope to stock up on some circulars.

Enjoy your day.





Happy Monday


Lauren and I went to Stitches, Texas last weekend.  We were so focused on all the booths and pretty yarns that we forgot to take a single picture!   We dumped out  both our loots and took a picture of our treasures.

I’ve had a rough weekend. ¬† Lauren was in a minor car accident. ¬†She and baby are fine. ¬†I was so scared and worried about her that I aggravated an old neck injury of mine and have had a horrible headache for 3 days now. ¬†I thought I’d post some fun pictures of yarn to help me feel better. ¬† Yarn releases feel good endorphins and makes me happy. ¬†Might take my mind off my headache.


I bought this yarn for Lauren for her birthday along with a pattern for a cowl at L & B Yarn Co in Norman, OK. ¬†The teal is Marisol Ushya (two skeins) and the brown variegated is by Universal Yarns Classic Shades Frenzy. (1 skein). ¬†Love that cowl! ¬†Super cute with jeans. ¬†Tomorrow, we are supposed to get our first bout of fall weather. ¬†Fall is my favorite season; back to school, football, pumpkins, falling leaves, my favorite colors all around, jeans, boots, and cowls…..just love it.

I spent the weekend working on my unfinished projects.  This is my unfinished project basket.  That is the Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole.  I started it about 6 years ago.  It just lacks one more row and the fringe.


This is the Wavy Lace Scarf by Sweaterbabe. ¬†All this one lacked was the fringe. ¬†I love this color! ¬†So pretty! ¬†This is the 4th scarf I’ve made from this pattern.

These adorable fingerless gloves are from the pattern ¬†Trilsea’n, which is Gaelic for “braid”, by Kalurah Hudson that I downloaded from KnitPicks. ¬†Very appropriate for “Outlander” fans. ¬†Speaking of Outlander, is anyone else down in the dumps waiting for Claire and Jamie to finally get back together? ¬†Every episode has been so sad and depressing. ¬†Each episode, I’m like “Come on! ¬†Get back together already!”.

Happy Monday everybody! ¬†I’m already feeling better.


Stitches, Texas

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 6.32.20 PM

Stitches,Texas¬†is coming up this weekend in Irving, Texas. ¬†Stitches holds fiber festivals in several states across the country. ¬†I think Chicago used to be the closest one to me. ¬†So when Stitches decided to hold a festival in Texas, I was super excited. ¬†Texas is just next door to Oklahoma. ¬†I was able to attend the very first Stitches in Texas. ¬† ¬†I went by myself and had a great time. ¬†I spent a weekend in a hotel and participated in several classes. ¬†I signed up for the whole shebang; dinner, fashion shows, events and prizes. ¬†There were several “single” people so I didn’t feel awkward going by myself. ¬† The catered dinner party had several single people at the table and it was a free for all for seating. ¬† I even participated in a fashion show.


Barry Kline in a Swing class

This is Barry Kline and he teaches a class about adding some “swing” to knit garments. ¬†I have a bit of a belly, so I like knit garments that have a slight drape and “swing” versus a tight knit around my belly. ¬†I was the model for this vest he designed for the class. ¬†He actually teaches on cruises. ¬† Yes!! There is such a thing as a knitting cruise! ¬†Bucket list.

One of my favorite knitting celebrities is Marly Bird. ¬†She lives in Colorado and designs knit and crochet items and has a podcast that’s called, ¬†“It’s a Yarn Thing”.¬† I have often been described as real or genuine in regards to my personality. ¬†Marly is too! ¬†That’s why I like her so much. ¬†Very down to earth and doesn’t mind being honest in her endeavors, good or bad. ¬†She’s just charming. Love her.

I was able to take one of her classes about becoming a knitwear designer and how to get started. ¬†Marly is my favorite knitting/crochet personality. ¬† She has some great classes on Craftsy that I recommend. ¬†She is so fun to watch. ¬† I purchased her Plus Size knitting class on Craftsy. ¬† It’s how my mom and I made our duck tape mannequin together. ¬†Some of you may remember that! ¬†You can find it on Youtube here:¬†Mother/Daughter Team Duck Tape Mannequin


Okay. ¬†I’m sure everybody has had a bad hair day, or a bad makeup day, or whatever. ¬† I saw these pictures after I got home and couldn’t believe how horrible I looked. ¬†For some reason, my hair would not work. ¬†I have curly hair and in high humidity, it kinda goes afro on me and there is nothing to do but put it up. ¬† I hate tight things around my belly. ¬†What the heck happened to my t-shirt? ¬† It must have shrunk from the time I put it on and the time I arrived here. ¬†You can even see the indentation of my belly button my shirt is so tight. ¬† I swear my sweater is navy blue and not purple. ¬†It matches the skirt. The skirt lands just above my knees. ¬†Not sure why it’s nearly down to my ankles here. ¬† I was showing Lauren these pictures and we were having a good laugh about it when I told her I actually wore this same outfit to a job interview! ¬† I got the job, so my outfit couldn’t have looked as bad as it appears in these photos. ¬† ¬†Not to mention the alien light bearing down upon my head, preparing to beam me up.


LOL. ¬† What can you do? ¬†Just laugh about it and be glad I’ve got a photo memento. ¬†Marly looked great!

I’m planning on heading to Stitches Texas in the morning. ¬†I’ll bring back some pictures to show you what it’s like.











KnitStars 2.0

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 7.40.58 AM

Do you know about KnitStars ? ¬† Shelley Brander of Loops in Tulsa, Oklahoma has developed knitting classes from well-known designers in a video format that you can watch comfortably in your own home. ¬† Wherever actually, as it’s on video and you can watch the video’s anywhere. ¬†The newest KnitStars 2.0 starts next month in October.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 7.41.24 AMThis is Shelley Brander of Loops in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I love that poncho she is wearing.  You can only get that yarn from her store in Tulsa or order online from her store.  The pattern is Andromeda by Heather Nixon and you can find it on Ravelry.   Funny, looking at the pattern on Ravelry, I would have passed.  Looking at the pattern on Shelley, and I fell in love with it.

I enrolled in the first KnitStars 1.0 for around $200.00. ¬† It’s about the same for KnitStars 2.0. ¬†What I like about it so much, is the voyeur¬†aspect of looking into other knitters/designers own homes and studios. ¬†It’s like sitting down with a friend and talking yarn. ¬†Each designer brings you into their yarn space and shows you their knitting place, yarn, projects, and they teach you something about knitting. ¬† Once you enroll, you have access to the video’s forever.

Have you been to a fiber festival? ¬†They have animals (sheep, angora rabbits, alpacas), yarn, fiber, yarn, accessories, yarn, miscellaneous stuff, and more yarn. ¬†They also have well known knitting designers teaching all kinds of different aspects involving fiber. ¬†Not to mention, beads and some jewelry making classes too. ¬†And spinning. ¬†I love them! ¬†It’s a great place to people watch and meet new friends. ¬†KnitStars brings this all to you in your own home, everything except the animals ūüôā

Think about it. ¬†Going to Rhinebeck, NY to their Sheep and Wool Festival costs me several thousand dollars – airfair, accomodations, rental car, and that’s before I ever get to the festival. ¬†Stitches in Texas, still costs me gas money to drive back and forth to Texas, accomodatons, food, then the cost of admission. and classes.

KnitStars, for only around $200, brings all of this to you without leaving your home. ¬†They have special patterns, special yarns, special dye lots of special yarns, all for the KnitStars enrollees. ¬†Shelley travels all over the world to bring this one of a kind event to you. ¬†I believe it’s well worth the cost!

Go to to see the available free videos and patterns while they are still available. ¬†It’s worth investigating for sure! ¬†Here is a list of the teacher/designers from the first KnitStars. ¬†(You can also still purchase this event).

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 7.41.47 AM

Hannah made me feel good about my stash.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 7.42.03 AM

Stephen West!  What a fun ball of light and sunshine.   I could watch him all day!   I want him as my new best friend!

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 7.42.50 AM

Amy was new to me.  She taught me how to do appropriate gauge for bulky knitting.  Light bulb moment here for me.    Thank you Amy!

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 7.43.00 AM

Color, color, color. ¬† I’ve used a lot of Koigu for my BeeKeeper’s Quilt that I’m working on. Learn how all that gorgeous color is made along with ideas on choosing color combinations.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 7.42.30 AM

Meghan reminds me of my D-I-L, Lauren, who is also from Austin.  I enjoyed meeting Meghan too.  I loved the ambiance of Austin, Texas.  She talks about knitting in a hot climate and appropriate yarn choices.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 7.42.40 AM

I’m a little late to the party with meeting Romi Hill. ¬†She seems like the calm tranquil type. ¬†No wonder her shawls are so gorgeous! ¬† Go to Ravelry and look up some of her designs. ¬†She makes amazing shawls.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 7.42.16 AM

Julie is behind Coco Knits.  She is a designer, but she also invents these interesting accessories/tools for knitting.    She reminds me of my mother, actually.  I bet they have similar personalities.

There are a few more knit stars.  They were all great and I watched every video.  You can also participate with a live Q & A session.  I loved watching from my own comfortable recliner.   Go watch the free videos at



Purls, Puppies, and a Cat


Max doing a Vanna White imitation showing off my new project.

What a great day of knitting and puppies. ¬†My latest project is the Chevron Fringe Shawl by SOSU – Susanne Sommer. ¬†I love it! I’m enjoying playing with the different yarn combinations and textures. ¬†There is absolutely no ‘purling” involved. ¬†You knit two right side rows then two wrong side rows. ¬†The only thing that I don’t like is the fact that you’re starting a new row every 4th row. ¬†That’s a lot of starting and stopping. ¬† You don’t get into the rhythm of the flow of knitting with the frequent stops and starts. ¬†So it’s taking forever. ¬† I’m a little over half way through, and I’m already wanting to start something else. ¬† ¬†I did interrupt this project already with the Joji Mystery knit-a-long. ¬† The end of this month a new knit-a-long starts called “What the Fade?!” by Andrea Mowry, and I’m really tempted to put this aside and jump in this KAL.


I used a skein of Polaris by Rozetti that has some sequins in it. ¬†I love it! ¬† I like a little glitz but not too much. ¬†Speaking of glitz….I was at our LYS, David’s Yarn, checking out with some clearance yarn that I purchased. ¬†Three of the skeins had some silver tinsel in the yarn. ¬†The checkout girls and I were oohhhhing and ahhhhing over the pretty yarn, and a lady next to me waiting to check out solemnly said, “I would PAY you to keep the glitz out of the yarn.” ¬†Well there, little Eeyore, you just totally dumped on my yarn! ¬†Interesting people we knitters!

Here is the glitzy yarn I purchased: Any one of my young 20 something daughters would love to wear a cowl made out of this. ¬†It’s a real rich and lush¬†reddish brown.

On to the puppies.¬† Our neighbors came over today to play with the pups. ¬†Our house is always full of dogs, puppies, a cat or two, babies, grandchildren, grown children; it’s really pretty fantastic.

Check out Max, the cat in the middle of everything. ¬†He’s in with the puppies because HE wants to be in with the pups. ¬†He is literally “part of the pack”. ¬†He is always in the middle of anything that’s going on. ¬†He’s such a great cat. ¬†I’m really in love with the little guy.

You’ve got to be leaving my page today with a happy heart! ¬†Sometimes it’s just the small things that make life great. ¬†Check out those smiles, even the dogs are smiling.