Sweet Pea


Boy, what a difference blocking makes!  This is the Sweet Pea Baby Blanket.  I made this for our newest grandson, Henry, who lives in Wyoming with his mom and dad, horses,  chickens, cats (I particularly like Mr. Pickles myself), motorcycles, jeeps, trucks, and plenty of mountains to explore.  What a lucky little boy!


Henry has beautiful strawberry blonde hair, just like his mom.  I have 3 blonde/gingers myself.  I know he will look so handsome with this navy blue blanket as a background for photos.  It was my knitting project for the long road trip to Wyoming.  I worked on it while I was there.   It was UGLY.  I knew it would look better once blocked, but I also knew Bailey didn’t know that.   I bet she thought, “Why is she making such an ugly blanket?”.  After blocking, it turned out beautiful.  I just mailed it to her this week.  She is so creative and takes such great photos.   I’ll post a pic when I get some back of Henry and the blanket.

This is Bailey, Henry, and Dodge at their home in Wyoming.  I miss them.


We travelled to Wyoming to see our new bundle of joy.  Wow!  Has anyone spent time anywhere where the weather is actually in the minus category?  Well, I have.  I found it very interesting actually.   I was wearing jeans, a sweater, and shoes and walking into a convenience store and the temp was -6 and it wasn’t that bad.   Apparently, the wind and moisture in Oklahoma makes anything below 30 degrees super cold.


This is the view from Bailey’s living room.


Another view without so much snow in the air.  Can you imagine waking up to this every day?  So pretty.


You can’t see them well, but there is a heard of Elk on this mountain.  We could see them well with binoculars.  You have to blow this picture up and you will see them as tiny little Elk on the mountain.  Much better with binoculars.

It took us 3 days to drive home.  Driving in the snow is so much easier than driving on ice.   We arrived in Oklahoma to an ice storm.   We couldn’t get into Oklahoma so we had to stop in Texas for the night.   We passed about 15 semi-truck wrecks.  I mean bad wrecks, with the semi’s toppled over and crushed, on the side of the road.  We passed one UPS truck hauling 2 semi loads crashed on the side of the road with packages strewn everywhere.  I have never seen anything like it in my 49 years of life.  It looked like something from a disaster movie or the apocalypse.  Crazy!

I highly recommend the Sweet Pea Baby Blanket.  It’s a super easy knit and it’s very pretty once it’s been blocked.  I used Encore Chunky yarn for this project.


Happy knitting folkes!




Heart Nurse 4 U


Len and I met online.  That’s the thing to do now-a-days to meet people.  We met on Yahoo Personals, which doesn’t exist anymore, and they required you to have a title name.   Mine was “HeartNurse4U” and Len’s was “Combustionman” (fireman).  We laugh and thinks it’s really silly now, but, hey, you had to come up with something to identify yourself.  These are the pictures we had up.

I had just gone on a horrible date where they guy didn’t have a picture up.  The guy answered the door in shorts, a house robe, and socks.  I wanted to hand him the box of brownies I brought right then and there and say, “Bye, this isn’t going to work.” and just walk away.  But my manners wouldn’t let me, so I suffered thru the dinner he made for me, not him, not both of us, just me.  He ranted about his special spaghetti and stood there to watch me eat it.  It was horrible.  He said his secret ingredient was BBQ sauce (with spaghetti????).  He started to rub my shoulders while I was sitting there eating his super special barbecue spaghetti, and I told him I had this awful phobia and couldn’t stand to be touched.  Anyway, after that, I ran outta there as fast as I could without being horribly rude.

Then I met Len.   He didn’t have a picture posted.   I had chatted with him off and on for the past 3 months.  I was not going to waste my time again, so I wasn’t interested until I could see a picture.   He had a friend at work take this photo of him.    As soon as I saw it, I was a bit smitten.  Those pretty blue eyes and the laugh lines around the eyes got me.  I thought, “Yes, I could kiss that man.” and I finally consented to a date and the rest is history.  We spent 12 hours together for our first date.  We were pretty much a couple from day one.



In honor of HeartNurse4U,  I thought I’d share my Noro #33 Heart Blanket.  The pattern is written in Intarsa.   I used the stranded method, meaning, I carried the different color yarn behind my work, twisting the yarn every few stitches, to hold it down.   The Intarsa method had a disruption in the background color block that I didn’t like.  That’s why I preferred the stranded method.  I got a consistent back ground color.


Below is the back of the blanket and what the stranded method looks like on the back.  Also, instead of seeming every square together that is required in the Intarsa version, I could knit long columns and just seem the columns together.  You can see the seams below.  It’s made out of Noro Kureyon.   Len just drove up to Wyoming from Oklahoma and slept in the back of the SUV.  He had a pallet made and I had him take this blanket among others.  He said he was warm and toasty all night because of this wool/silk blanket.


As always, Max is nearby.  He’s getting so big.  My son, John, pointed out that he still has his kitty teeth.   I think he’s 5  months old.


I also want to give some good advise from “HeartNurse4U”.  There is testing out there called CT Calcium Scan.   It’s only $50 at Oklahoma Heart Hospital.  Others, I hear, can cost $99.   It’s a CAT Scan of your heart and it measures the amount of calcium in the arteries of your heart which are indicators of plaque build up.    When people have heart attacks and they go to the hospital, we stop the heart attack, then go fix the problem with angioplasty/stent to reopen the artery.   Now, the damage that was done to your heart muscle before you arrived to the hospital is irreversible.  It causes all kinds of health problems.   If you can find that you have plaque build up in your arteries before you have a heart attack, then you are way above the game my friend!  You can fix your heart BEFORE you have a heart attack.  You want to protect your heart from the damage that a heart attack causes.   The CT Calcium scan does that for you.   For $50-100 you can save your life and your health.

If you have a family history of heart disease, and are in your 40’s or older, and/or you have been or currently are a smoker, please, please, please, consider getting a CT Calcium Scan done.  Tell your moms and dads, grandpa’s and grandma’s.  If mom and/or dad have had cardiac disease, it’s hereditary, get yourself checked out.

I had one done at the age of 45.  My score was zero.  My husband had one done and his score was low also, but they found a buldging weakness in the large artery that comes out of his heart, that we continue to monitor anually.  We make sure his blood pressure is good and normal to prevent that from getting any worse.  If we did not have that scan done, we never would have known.

Baby Luke is due any day now!  Doctor said she didn’t think Lauren would make it to next week.   Will keep you guys posted!

Happy Knitting.




Babies Everywhere

Hot off my needles is the Reversible Cable Blanket.  I love this blanket.  This is the fourth one I’ve made.  No matter what yarn you choose, they all look stunning.  I’ve used Simply Soft from Hobby Lobby, and 100% acrylic I Love This Yarn, and most recently Plymouth Yarn; Encore Chunky Tweed.  If you’re using it for a baby blanket, it needs to be washer/dryer friendly.  We all know how messy those wee little ones can be!


4 week old Goldendoodle puppy

The most accurate picture of the red color is the one here with Max on my lap.  It’s a deep rich burgundy red, not neon pink/red.  This is for our new grandson, Henry, that lives in Wyoming.

Played outside with the Goldendoodle puppies today.  They are still little babies.  They’ve just started to act like little puppies, growling, barking, chewing each other.  They are still a little shy and learning about the big new world of the back yard.  Only two more weeks and they will be ready to go.  A new momma came by today to see her petite little baby girl


Grandkids; Xander and Jourdyn at the Pumpkin Patch.